Drew Barrymore Explaining Her Daughter’s Epic Disney World Meltdown Is ALL OF US


They say “Stars are just like us,” and in some ways, that is SIMPLY untrue. Mostly the “I can afford servants and nannies and all the best health care” ways. But in other ways, it IS true—especially when it comes to parenting. I think we can all agree that parenting is the great equalizer. Celebrity kids don’t make any less dirty diapers than regular kids do…and if this tale from Drew Barrymore is any indication, they don’t throw fewer tantrums, either!

Barrymore recounted to Seth Myers on his Late Night show how her older daughter Olive, who is almost 5, has thrown full-on, lay-on-the-ground tantrums at both Disney Land and Disney World. Being the hilarious mom that she is, Barrymore took the opportunity to turn those tantrums into a hilarious photo op. You know. CHERISH those memories!

Barrymore said her daughter’s first tantrum was over not being allowed to chase a duck that was walking around Disney World.

“And in hindsight, as a parent you have these revelations like, ‘I should have let her catch it, because she either would have and been satisfied, or she wouldn’t have been and been mad at the duck—and not her mom, who tried to stop her from chasing the bird,’” Barrymore added. “I say just let ‘em chase it and see what happens.”

Hindsight! Well, let’s hope Olive has many more opportunities to chase birds around crowded public parks, ha ha! Her little sister Frankie, 2, will no doubt follow suit. I mean, as we all know, our kids definitely conspire with their siblings to drive their parents just a litttttle bit bonkers!

But seriously, Drew admits the real culprit was probably the tendency to do it all and see it all while at the theme park—naps be darned! “You push it hard enough, because you’re like, ‘I’m here! Let’s skip the nap! Let’s go, go, go!’” she said. “You want to maximize it. This is how it always ends for me.”

I had to laugh at this story—and the photos. Thanks for keeping it real, Drew!

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