Girl Dresses as “Tired Mom” For Halloween and It’s the Most Accurate Costume EVER

I LOVE Beggar’s Night—it’s SO fun seeing what all my friends’ kids are dressed up as, whether in real life or on Facebook. I also love seeing the ultra-creative costumes that I would never think of myself: and there’s one that’s going viral on Facebook that cracked me up because it’s SO dead on! Meet Lainie, who decided to dress up as a “tired mom” for Halloween:

😂😂😂😂😂 my friends daughter dressed up as a mom for halloween. Notice the spit up and dark circles under her eyes. 😂😂😂😂 Im…

Posted by Rachael Fansler Beachy on Saturday, October 29, 2016

Is that hilarious or WHAT?? From the spit-up on her shirt to the rugrat hugging her leg, to the messy bun and dark circles under her eyes, I’d say Lainie NAILED IT! And she’s definitely proof that our kids are um…PAYING ATTENTION to us more than we might think we are. (Can I get an “ouch”??)

Oh Lainie! Your costume is so dead-on, I’m not even mad that it’s kind of a rough portrayal! After all, being a mom is TOUGH, and there are many days I have looked like EXACTLY that. (And mornings. I had to put on EXTRA concealer this morning due to some stubborn Monday-issue dark circles.)

I’m not the only one who loves Lainie’s spot on Tired Mom costume—it’s been shared on Facebook over 12,000 times in two days, showing that moms can recognize REAL when we see it! But hey, Lainie, maybe next year you could go as a picture-perfect PTA Stepford Mom, just to balance it out a little? Maybe a nice LuLaRoe dress, a blowout, and some tall boots with a Starbucks cup for accent? Just an idea — you’ve got plenty of time to perfect it!

What are your kids going as for Trick-or-Treat this year? I’ve got an Anger from Inside Out, Tinkerbell’s friend Fawn, and Harry Potter. Have fun and be safe tonight, friends!


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