This Is the (Hilarious) Danger Behind Texting and Parenting

“Let’s meat at the pork for a play dare.” Texting and parenting can go REALLY wrong!

In my opinion, texting is the greatest thing ever. Perhaps that’s just because I don’t LOVE talking on the phone, but perhaps it’s ALSO because if my husband’s downstairs and I’m giving my youngest a bath and find that I am out of towels, I can text him a MAYDAY to deliver some towel action up to the bathroom without having to a) leave my child unattended in the bathroom or b) trust a sopping wet toddler to stay ABSOLUTELY STILL in the bathroom post-bath while I run and get a towel.

Texting is a LIFESAVER! You know what I mean? I also love it to arrange playdates and catch up with my mom friends. BUT…as this video from the Breakwomb so realistically proves, texting and parenting can be kind of HILARIOUS. I mean, when I am trying to get my kids to JUST.FIND.THEIR.SHOES.ALREADY(!!) while texting a friend, it can result in some pretty hysterical typos! Autocorrect is typically NOT my friend!

I think these ladies are spot on with this texting hilarity! It may be an exaggeration….but not by much! What kind of laughs have you had while texting and parenting??

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and the editor of For Every Mom. You can email her at, or follow her on Twitter.