Hysterically Epic Texts From a Mom to Her Daughter In the Tampon Aisle Are EVERYTHING

Oh. My. Word. If you thought sending a DAD into the store to find tampons and pads was hilarious, well…you’re right. But this text exchange between blogger Belinda Hankins of the blog Ninja Poodles and the 13-year-old daughter she sent into the store looking for tampons is…pretty much the most epic thing that has ever been texted IN THE ENTIRE  HISTORY OF TEXTING INCLUDING WHEN ALL WE HAD WERE PAGERS. I am DYING over here!

Check out the Facebook post that Hankins just HAD to share, with permission from her daughter, of course, and then because I’m a giver, I’ll post the whole convo for you below!

Posted by Belinda Hankins on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Oh my gosh, you guys, the PICTURE SHE DREW ON HER PHONE! Girl’s got SKILLZ. But seriously, why IS it so hard to find the feminine products when you walk into a store you’re not familiar with? Just LABEL THE AISLE. You make tons of money on this product WE HAVE TO HAVE! So help us find it so you can get your money, STORE! Anyway…here are the amazing texts between Hankins and her daughter, Isabella.








Photos: Facebook/Belinda Hankins


Okay, so “smashing the patriarchy” might be a little too militant for me (I am all for equal pay and treatment I want my sons to succeed too!), but I love, love, love how easy it seems that this mom and teen daughter talk about sex and their periods. Since she posted it two days ago, Hankins’ status has been shared nearly 40,000 times – proving this is something our girls SHOULD feel comfortable talking to us about. Both were designed by God to serve a great purpose and eliminating the SHAME factor when we dialogue with our daughters goes a long way to contributing to her healthy sexuality and body image as helping her find her identity in Christ.

So, read this, mamas — have a BIG OLD LAUGH, share it with your girlfriends, and who knows? — maybe even use it to open up a really important conversation with your daughter!


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