Teen Warns Parents About Kiki Challenge After Ending Up in ICU

kiki challenge
YouTube the busy mom diary/Worden Family

Parents today are facing multiple parenting challenges that have no previous generation of parents have faced thanks to the Internet and social media. From online porn to online bullying to dangerous “challenge” games, it seems we’re always having to warn each other about the latest craze that’s dangerous for our kids. New day, new YouTube challenge to deal with, it seems. Today is no different, and the latest dangerous social media challenge is called the Kiki challenge or the In My Feelings challenge.

What is the Kiki Challenge?

The Kiki challenge is a social media craze involving the song “In My Feelings” by rapper Drake, and popularized by social media star Shiggy. Although Shiggy’s original challenge was just dancing and lip synching, social media stars often feel the need to one-up each other, so when New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. , while dancing in a way that kept pace with the car—and that is the version of the KiKi Challenge that really took off.

The Kiki Challenge became so popular that even celebrities like Will Smith and Ciara have joined in. But, per usual with these kinds of challenges, hundreds of kids who should not be attempting these kinds of stunts are…and predictably, sometimes it is not ending well.

Kiki Challenge leads to ICU stay for Iowa teen

Eighteen-year-old Anna Worden of Bettendorf, Iowa is speaking out about the dangers of the Kiki Challenge to warn other teens that it’s not worth it. She decided it would be fun to try while cruising around with friends near her home, but her attempt at the Kiki Challenge landed her in the ICU. Warden told her local news station WQAD,  that “I tried, and the last thing I remember was opening the door. So apparently I got out and tripped and fell and hit my head.”

WQAD also reported that she was rushed to a local hospital and then airlifted to a larger hospital in Iowa City with an intensive care unit. The teen had badly fractured her skull and was experiencing blood clots in her ear and bleeding in her brain.

Anna’s father, Mike Worden, reflected on the fear he felt as a parent seeing his daughter in such a state.

“I had five minutes to give her a kiss and not know what was going to happen,” Worden’s father, Mike Worden, he said. “I will always remember that.”

Kiki challenge
Anna Worden in the ICU/Worden Family

Anna says that when she regained consciousness in the ICU and was cognizant enough to remember what had gotten her there, she definitely regretted trying the challenge.

“That’s when it hit me like ‘Wow, I’m actually in the University of Iowa hospitals because I tried to do some little challenge everyone’s doing now,’ ” she said, “and I’m the one that got majorly hurt.”

You can another local news outlet’s story on Anna and the Kiki Challenge below.

Kiki Challenge “fail” videos are also a thing

Of course, with every social media challenge comes those who don’t succeed at said challenge. Anna Worden’s case is certainly extreme and scary, but now there are so many “fail” videos, it makes you wonder if people aren’t failing on purpose, and if that also couldn’t become dangerous. The video below from influencer Jaylen Norwood became quite popular after Norwood’s attempt to jump on the hood of an oncoming car led to him getting HIT by said car…see it below. Of course, it also led to an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, so maybe it wasn’t such a fail after all? Hmmm…

The bottom line is, jumping out of and keeping up with a moving car, even if it’s a slow moving car, is dangerous stuff. Many of the popular fail videos show the vehicle involved actually crashing or hitting something because the driver is distracted, and police have now even officially warned against the Kiki Challenge or In My Feelings Challenge because of the resulting injuries.  Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board even got in the act with this tweet:


I mean, it’s hard to argue with the authority on transportation safety, but if their word on the Kiki Challenge isn’t enough for you, take it from Anna Worden, who, at eighteen, is re-learning how to walk after her serious head injury.

“Be more careful about the challenges and fads that are going around,” she told WQAD. “It may seem fun, and it may seem easy, but at the same too, they could be so dangerous.”


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