News Anchor Announces Pregnancy On Air — Details Heartbreaking Loss of Two Babies to Miscarriage

News Anchor Announces Pregnancy On Air — Details Heartbreaking Loss of Two Babies to Miscarriage

When Corey Rose and her husband Josh decided to start a family in October 2016, they never could have imagined the journey they would face.

A morning news anchor for KUSA 9News in Denver, Colorado, Corey shared live on air last week that after two years of trying to grow their family, her and Josh will finally be welcoming a little Rose in February 2019.

Of course, every Rose has its thorns, and Corey is no exception.

Before announcing her pregnancy live on air, Corey thought it was important that she tell viewers the “backstory” of this pregnancy — that she and Josh suffered two miscarriages.

And instead of just revealing the news, Corey used her platform of local television to start a very REAL conversation that could truly help other women.

Corey Rose announced she’s pregnant

9NEWS anchor Corey Rose announced she’s having a baby in February. This morning she shared the heartbreak she experienced after two miscarriages.

Posted by 9NEWS (KUSA) on Monday, September 10, 2018

Detailing their journey, Corey explains that when she and Josh started trying to get pregnant in late 2016, they were surprised how quickly it actually happened for them. Just four months in, they found out they were pregnant, and to say they were overjoyed would be an understatement.

But eight weeks and five days later, everything changed. They went to see their baby for the first time, and the ultrasound technician informed them that their baby had no heartbeat.

Corey was devastated. She and her husband were brought into a room where they were told that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. That’s 25 percent.

As someone who delivers news and information to thousands of people on a daily basis, Corey was blown away by how common miscarriages were.

“How did I not know that? Why is that not told to women?”

After being given a few different options for how to proceed, Corey chose the natural route. And on one of the hardest nights of her life, she woke up to extreme cramping and contractions.

“Doctors don’t really tell you what to do when the baby comes out,” she says. “And that’s a really hard thing for a woman.”

Corey and Josh buried their baby in their backyard on mother’s day weekend.

Grieving & Moving Forward

Corey says she and her husband both grieved very differently, and marriage through miscarriage is totally uncharted territory.

“At first it’s disbelief. And then it’s both of us trying to process it in different ways. He’s trying to support me while I’m going through the physical things. And his grief comes after that,” she explains. “So it’s both of us grieving in different ways, and trying to keep our marriage strong.”

It took time. But two months later, after grieving individually and together, Corey and Josh started trying again to grow their family.

In September, they learned they were pregnant again.

But this time, it was a completely different feeling.

“At first it was that initial excitement when you see the positive pregnancy test. But  this time, we knew that the outcome [may not] be great again.”

When they headed to the doctor around the eight week mark, Corey and Josh again learned that their baby had no heartbeat.

“You see the ultrasound, and you see where the baby started to grow, but there’s no flicker.”

One of the hardest things about miscarriage, is that it implies that the mother did something wrong. That her body wasn’t healthy enough or strong enough for the baby. Or that there was something she could have done to prevent this all-too common event from happening to her baby.

But that’s just not the case.

In talking about miscarriage openly like Corey has along with countless others, we take the shame and guilt out of pregnancy loss, and we cultivate a safe place for women and couples to heal.

Corey says through it all, she and Josh focused intensely on their marriage, ensuring it was strong while they were weak.

They grieved at different times in different ways, and it took a while for them both to come to terms with things.

Third Time’s a Charm

After taking some time, and really processing through things in the ways they both needed, Corey and Josh tried again.

She revealed on air that they got pregnant in May and will be welcoming a healthy little babe into the world this February.


Throughout their journey, Corey has blogged about the raw and graphic battle that is pregnancy loss. She says she hopes in sharing her story, other women will feel supported and comforted and know that they are not alone.

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