Mom Shares Brilliant Hack for Keeping Kids Focused While Learning at Home

training wheels

Whoever said training wheels were for little kids, clearly never met a child who was stuck learning at home all day long.

Remote learning has taken its toll on us all over the last few weeks. One of the most difficult things is keeping kids engaged in their zoom classroom from a dining room chair.

And can we really blame them? Most adults I know can only take so much when it comes to virtual meetings. Why would we expect our tiny humans to be able to handle this any better?

One mom is going viral this week after sharing her genius hack for keeping kids engaged while learning at home.

Julie Bredemeier Fulks posted a video of her kindergartener, Charleston, sitting at her desk, participating in her zoom classroom. Only this 5-year-old wasn’t learning from a typical chair. Instead, Julie got an old bike with training wheels, and turned it into Charleston’s new seat.


Serious game changer for my Charleston today! The movement helped SO much!!!🎉
Anyone who has a kindergartner should definitely try this!

Edit: Ella now wants me to find her a bike with training wheels. So, good for all ages. Lol

Posted by Julie Bredemeier Fulks on Thursday, September 17, 2020

By placing the training wheels on lifts (which for Julie were simply a pair of shoes), the bike’s back tire rotates as Charleston pedals, but remains stationary in place.

Julie says the movement helped “SO much” in keeping Charleston alert, engaged, and excited about doing class online. In fact, it was such a hit that Julie’s older daughter Ella has asked for a stationary bike of her own!

Since first sharing the video last week, Julie’s hack has been viewed over a million times, with people flocking to the comments with plans to do this for their own kids—children of all ages.

These times are nothing like we’ve seen before. Why not learn like we never have before? Shout out to Julie for coming up with this brilliant way to make remote learning just a little more fun! You’re the real MVP, sister.

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