“I Asked People Not to Touch Him”—Mom Shares Viral Facebook Rant From Baby’s Hospital Room


It’s that time of year, folks. The leaves have all fallen, the holidays are in full swing, and every kid on the face of the earth is dripping with nasty runny noses. But what may look like the common cold or something that’s just “going around” to most of us, is actually RSV, which can be a life-threatening virus in babies and young children.

Sophie Davidson, a mother of two from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, took to Facebook with an angry plea from her baby’s hospital room after he was diagnosed with RSV.

“I asked people not to kiss him. Not to touch him. Not to get in his face,” she writes. “Yet all of them said, ‘oh I got the flu shot!’ Or ‘I’m healthy! I just washed my hands I swear!’ And it was too late for me to stop them any further.”

I asked people not to kiss him. Not to touch him. Not to get in his face. Yet all of them said “oh I got the flu shot!”…

Posted by Sophie Davison on Monday, November 25, 2019


It’s an interaction that I’ve personally watched go down so many times, that just reading Sophie’s words makes me cringe, HARD.

As a pastor’s wife, I see it countless times on a Sunday morning. People—well-meaning church-goers, young and old — walking over to my baby with open arms, signaling that they’re going to pick her up, hold her, snuggle her, rock her…dare I say, kiss her.

The thought of it gives me anxiety. And yet, here we are. Moms like Sophie, writing a Facebook rant from her baby boy’s hospital room because well-meaning people won’t back the heck up.

“RSV,” she continues. “High fevers. Crazy breathing. And helplessness. You can’t do ANYTHING for this. Besides sit and wait and pray.”

During cold and flu season, it’s not about whether you’ve been sick, or you’re getting sick. As an adult, you could go the whole winter without coming down with that thing that’s “going around.” But that doesn’t mean you’re not a carrier. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one to pass along the virus to a small little babe whose immune system can’t fight your big germs.

More importantly, it’s about respecting a mother’s wishes.

Don’t touch babies. Don’t kiss them. Don’t protest their mothers just because you are embarrassed that you got caught making a mistake,” she writes. “That’s petty. Selfish. And deadly.”


Mamas, this is the season to be vigilant against germs, viruses, and well-meaning people who want to touch your baby. If Sophie’s experience tells us anything, it’s that people WILL question you on your protection. Don’t let them win. It’s not worth the battle your baby may suffer as a result of their persistence.

“Y’all, be better humans don’t touch strangers kids. And ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION before you do anything. ‘I’ll just touch his feet’ isn’t ok. Ya hear me?” she writes. “THEY PUT THOSE IN THEIR MOUTH.”

Sophie says her son’s case of RSV is not as bad as many other kids who suffer from the virus, but it’s been “rough.”

“My cheerful dude is screaming and struggling.”

She closes with a salty and powerful statement, saying, “Y’all go to bed. Imma go watch him breathe.”


Guys, no mother should have to endure the scare of watching your helpless baby WORK HARD to breathe. All because people wouldn’t keep their distance and respect a mother’s wishes.

Be vigilant mamas. RSV is no joke.

And PEOPLE. To echo Sophie’s rant: DON’T TOUCH THE BABIES.

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