Mom Warns Parents After Spending 20 Hours Combing 150 Velcro-Like Toys Out of Daughter’s Hair


A Pennsylvania mom is sharing her nightmarish experience after 150 tiny toys got tangled in her daughter’s hair and took more than 20 hours to remove.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Lisa Hoelzle says her kids Noah and Abigail, both 6, had been playing in the basement after finishing virtual school. They hadn’t been playing long when Noah alerted his mom that Abigail had gotten something stuck in her hair. Little did Lisa know, this would be her “worst mom nightmare to date.”

The pair was playing with Bunchems—tiny Velcro-like balls that stick to each other—when Noah, being a “jokester,” decided to dump the full container of Bunchems over his sister’s head.

“I think I had an out-of-body experience,” Lisa said of her initial shock, seeing her daughter’s hair. “She had about 150 of these things layered and matted in her hair. They made it worse trying to remove them theirselves because the[y] connect together kinda like Velcro.”

Lisa got to work combing the Bunchems out of Abigail’s hair, but after three hours she had only successfully removed 15 of the toys.

When her husband Dan got home, the pair turned to Google for any tips on how to detangle the toys. Lisa says that’s when they “realized the severity” of what they were up against. Tons of posts showing children that have gotten tangled up in the same situation.

The internet suggested everything from conditioner and vegetable oil to loosen the hair around the velcro, but that only made the situation worse, and now messier than before.

After Dan successfully removed 10 more balls from Abigail’s head, it was nearly 1 a.m. and the family decided to go to bed. Lisa had Abigail sleep with her head on her mother’s stomach to prevent any further tangling.

The next morning, Lisa suited up for battle, arming herself with mineral oil and a detangling comb before heading into hours of toy removal.

After “a lot of tears” from mom, 20 hours of “pulling and working them out of her head, and lots of hair loss,” Abigail’s hair was finally free of all Bunchems. Lisa said they closed out the whole ordeal with “an hour or more in the bath tub with conditioner.”

With swollen fingers from the 20 hours of recon on Abigail’s hair, Lisa shared photos begging parents to trash their Bunchems and save themselves from a similar headache.

“This will be something we will never forget,” she said. “Very traumatic experience in the Hoelzle household this weekend.”

According to the New York Post, Bunchems have been discontinued but are still available to purchase online.

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