Heartbroken Mom Has a Powerful Message About What Drunk Drivers Do to Families

I grew up fairly sheltered in a home where alcohol was not consumed, so I was pretty taken aback as a young adult when I realized how prevalent drunk driving STILL is. I’ve observed people walking out of restaurants or parties or sporting events getting into cars that really shouldn’t be, and it’s terrifying. And despite tragedies like the one I’m going to tell you about, it continues and continues and continues.

Kristian Guerrero and her husband Fabian Guerrero-Moreno were happy, normal newlyweds, expecting their first child when they headed out on Highway 21 in San Marcos, TX on August 2, 2016. But their happy life changed in an instant when they were hit by a car driven by an intoxicated 21-year-old, Shana Elliott, who crossed the center line and smashed into them.

Fabian was killed, and Kristian, just 19 weeks pregnant, was rushed to the hospital with a brain bleed. Two days into her hospital stay, doctors were forced to induce labor to save Kristian’s life, and her son, too early to survive outside the womb, passed away as well. She named him Fabian James, after his father.

Photo: Kristian Guerrero/Facebook

Because of Shana Elliott’s choice to drive drunk, Kristian Guerrero lost her whole family. Father and son were buried together on August 12th. Recently Guerrero took to Facebook to talk about the devastation caused by drunk driving. She posted a picture of their horribly wrecked car, and one of her holding her sweet baby, smiling despite her loss because she was so happy to get to hold him. She says:

This is me finally being able to hold my son. This is what being in an induced labor for almost 24 hrs after surviving a car crash that killed my husband and my son looks like. All because someone thought it was okay to get wasted and drive. It’s not okay. It IS okay to stop a friend from driving, it IS okay to take someone’s keys away from them when they’re showing signs of being drunk. And it IS okay to pick up the phone and call for a ride if you find yourself feeling a little too tipsy. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of maturity to be honest with yourself and know the consequences of driving drunk outweigh any kind of shame you might feel admitting you’re too drunk to drive. What’s not okay is spending the rest of your life with the guilt of knowing you’ve taken someone’s life and taken someone’s life away before they even got a chance to be in this world. It’s not worth it. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t risk your freedom. You’re putting not only your life in danger but also everyone else on the road. I could’ve died aug 2nd but God had other plans. I’m left behind to fight this fight for my husband and my son. And I will continue to spread awareness and share this story until the day I die in hopes it prevents anyone else from feeling the pain I walk around with every day. I refuse to let my husband and my sons deaths be in vain.

My heart BREAKS for Kristian, and I SO appreciate her strong words here! Instead of screaming and yelling and cursing at the person who caused her pain, she is using her tragedy as a platform to beg others not to drink and drive. I will echo her plea: Please, please, please, don’t drive drunk, and don’t let your friends and loved ones do it either.

My prayers are with Kristian as she recovers and grieves, and I pray that her story goes very, very viral. If even one life is saved because of her powerful story, it will mean her husband and son did not die in vain.

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