Mom’s Snapchat Rant About Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice Is Hysterical—and Spot ON!

Can we all just agree that unsolicited pregnancy advice is THE WORST?

One of the many “joys” of pregnancy is ALLLLL the unsolicited pregnancy advice you get from strangers as soon as you announce your pregnancy on social media and/or start showing your bump in public. There’s just something about a positive pregnancy test that makes strangers think, “I KNOW I don’t KNOW you, but I still have some REALLY AMAZING ADVICE you can’t live without! Also, I somehow feel SUPER-QUALIFIED to direct all your parenting decisions, too!”

Oh boy.

No one knows this better than fitness coach Sarah Graham, who recently announced on Facebook that she is pregnant with her first child, a baby boy. Exhausted and exasperated by the barrage of pregnancy and child-rearing advice that was pouring in from virtual strangers, Graham took to Snapchat an used some of its famous filters to go on a WEE BIT of a rant—and it’s hilarious! From epidurals to circumcisions, Sarah’s been given advice about it all, and she’s not shy about sharing her responses.

The weird comments/questions/”advice” you get when you’re pregnant. 🙈😂 #pregnantgirlproblems

Snapchat @SarahGrahamFit

Posted by Sarah Graham on Saturday, December 10, 2016

I have to say Graham’s video cracked me up, in part because of those funny filters, and mostly because it’s SO true! I was pregnant with my 2nd when someone I didn’t know very well tried to talk me into a VBAC and I was all “Um, you need to V-BACK OFF, lady.” It’s insanity! Although there are some things I do like to pass on to new moms (like favorite baby products!) and I’ve given c-section advice when asked, I think we all need to trust other moms and dads to go with their parental instincts. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know the person, “Congratulations!” is comment ENOUGH!

What was the worst unsolicited pregnancy or parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Jenny Rapson
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