Today There’s One Less Orphan In the World, and We ALL Need to Hear His Story

November is Orphan Awareness and Adoption Awareness Month, and I am pretty excited to take the opportunity to feature stories of adoption this month on ForEveryMom. It is my hope that stories like this one will go a long way in helping to end the worldwide orphan crisis, but the truth is, if even one family decides to adopt after seeing this story, it will have been worth it. There are an estimated 17.8 million orphans who have lost both parents in this world, and these children need FOREVER families!


The video above chronicles the journey of Rachel and Dave Baxter. The Baxters were setting out on a journey to Beijing, China to bring home their adoptive son, a two year old boy with Down syndrome named Ben.

This video will inspire you, break your heart, and make you smile all at the same time. It is full of beautiful scenery and powerful words. You will walk alongside the Baxter’s as they anxiously board the plane to Beijing, hold Ben for the first time, and process what it means to adopt a child with Down syndrome. One of my very favorite parts of the story is where they explain that because they already have a biological child with Down syndrome, they know that it is a journey that is “hard, but not bad,” and is full of joy. I also find it so poignant when they talk about the difficulty Ben will have leaving his orphanage, where he has been loved, and bonding with his family, who, though they love him already, are total strangers to their sweet son.

By the end of this short but powerful story, my eyes were filled with tears of happiness and hope for Ben and the Baxter family. I know God has his hand on Ben’s life and I pray his story is used in a powerful way to help find forever families for other orphans! If you hope so, too, please share Ben’s story on Facebook.

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Jenny Rapson
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