This Is the Genius Crock Pot Hack Every Mom Needs to Know

The ladies of The BreakWomb bring you the best crock pot hack, EVER. Although I’m pretty sure I am the one who actually invented it.

Ahh, the crock pot. Or the slow cooker, if you will. I must admit, if I didn’t have my crock pot or my Instant Pot, my poor family would likely never eat dinner. What can I say? I’m good at OTHER things. Ahem. Less domestic things.

I use my crock pot for everything from chicken to roast beef to pork tenderloin to potato soup. It’s pretty much the BEST invention EVER, am I right? I even make a fabulous breakfast casserole in it, because clearly, I AM THE CROCK POT VERSION OF MARTHA STEWART!

I do LOVE a good crock pot hack, though, don’t you? (Hello, Pinterest!) I am pretty much in love with this hilarious crock pot hack from Molly, Megan, and Laurel at The BreakWomb. Although, truth be told, I’ve been doing this for YEARS! Do you ladies have a spy camera set up in my kitchen or what? I am fairly sure I invented this one.

Hope you enjoy this one and laugh as hard as I did! I’d love to hear YOUR favorite crock pot hack in the comments!

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Jenny Rapson
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