These Funny Moms Break Down the Train Wreck That Is a “Vacation” With Kids—Hysterical!

Let’s be honest, when you have little kids, it’s not a VACATION, it’s a “family trip”!!

I seriously, seriously, seriously love the ladies of I Mom So Hard! My co-worker Mary and I REALLY want to be their BFFs. Well, either that, or ACTUALLY BE THEM, because we also think we are that funny. Unfortunately for us (and lucky for them) we live in different states, thus crushing our dreams of making mom comedy gold for the people of the Internetz.

In any case, I LOVE this episode where the IMSH ladies break down the true torture that is vacationing with littles. One of these brave ladies took her one and two-year-olds to SCOTLAND for goodness sakes! Who thought that was a good idea? As you will see, it was a HILARIOUS endeavor—mostly because it didn’t happen to me. WHEW!

I remember being jolted by my first “vacation” with kids. Sleeping with a baby in a hotel room? Easier said than done! Now I think when you’ve got littles, it’s not a “vacation” for mom and dad—it’s a “family trip.” Do you agree? What are some of your biggest mishaps when traveling with your kids?

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Jenny Rapson
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