Parents Discover Thousands of Pills ‘Believed to be Fentanyl’ in Daughter’s Stuffed Toy


A couple in Arizona got a scary surprise this week after a thrift store purchase for their young daughter turned out to be stuffed full of illicit drugs.

According to a Facebook post by the Phoenix Police Department, the parents purchased a Glo Worm toy for their daughter at a thrift store in El Mirage, Arizona. Before giving it to their daughter to play with, the couple cleaned and washed the toy only to discover a Ziploc bag with more than 5,000 pills “believed to be fentanyl,” stuffed inside of it.

They immediately called the police and handed the drugs over for further investigation.

In 2018, the CDC named fentanyl the most dangerous drug in America.

The synthetic opioid is the most common drug found in drug overdose deaths, causing more than 18,000 deaths in 2016 alone.

Several common drugs can be laced with fentanyl without the user’s knowledge. Earlier this month, Dr. Laura Berman shared the heartbreaking news that her 16-year-old son had died from an accidental overdose after taking fentanyl-laced Xanax he bought through Snapchat.

In their Facebook post, the Phoenix Police Department praised the unlucky parents for their safety measures, and reminded parents to always inspect all pre-loved or previously opened items before making them your own.

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