This Parent’s Pledge to Teachers Is One We ALL Need to Say Out Loud

Summer’s freedom is slipping from our grasp and the school year is beginning anew. As we once again pack lunches and review homework folders, let’s set some realistic expectations for the new school year.  Teachers have spent hours preparing for our children and the new school year.  Let’s commit to making learning a success.

I pledge allegiance to my children’s teachers, you are the key to school success.

I commit to respecting you and affirming your authority. You have earned your position.

I will have reasonable classroom expectations. You are a teacher not babysitter.

I will be your teammate, helping with homework to reinforce classwork.


I will engage in my children’s education, including the homework folder every night.

I will limit the distractions in your classroom, the unnecessary items will stay at home.

I won’t blame you for standardized tests. You know my child better than any test could ever measure.

I will not shield my child from expectations. Responsibilities and consequences are important lessons.

I will objectively hear your concerns. My child is not perfect and you want to help.

I will bridle my biases about my child’s superiority. You have a classroom full of potential superstars just waiting to be discovered.

I will not attempt to undermine your methods. If I wanted to teach, I would homeschool.

I will respect your personal time. You are more than just a teacher.

I will help with classroom needs. Your bank account should not be the class fund.

I won’t lie to you. Our relationship will be built on integrity and trust.

I don’t expect you to be a mind reader. I will share important info and concerns.

I will fight for my child. I believe that education is the key to success.

I see the impact that you make. You are appreciated. Thank you for teaching.

Want to share this with your favorite teacher?  Share this website or print the page and give to the teachers who mean the most to your children this year!

What else can we do to make the school year great?

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