You’ll Love How This Pregnant Mom’s Shirt Gave Hope to a Total Stranger at Hobby Lobby

Despite the fact that statistics say that up to 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, many women are still too afraid or too grieved to talk about their losses. One of the great things about social media is that over the past couple of years, blog and Facebook posts have really started to break down the stigma attached to miscarriage, enabling people to talk about their losses and seek support from those who have gone through the same thing. A perfect example of this is a now-viral Facebook post published just a few days ago by Courtney Mixon, who unexpectedly bonded with a total stranger, Autun Safley, over their miscarriages while shopping at Hobby Lobby. Mixon posted this picture of Safley wearing a very special shirt, and said:


Alright standing in line at NLR Hobby Lobby I see this a rainbow heart printed on her belly. I automatically knew what it meant. She had suffered a miscarriage and now she was carrying a beautiful rainbow baby. As she passed me I had to speak up. I said I love your shirt! She replied that her husband was hesitant for her to wear it ( because people wouldn’t know what it meant) I then told her it’s so taboo to talk about miscarriages and I was proud of her for wearing it. I told her my story and she told me hers. We hugged and said we would keep each other in our prayers! Me for her baby’s continuing good health and her for me to conceive. I asked to take a pic and realized I left my phone in the car. She handed me her phone and sent that picture to me. She’s such a beautiful woman and mommy!!! A complete stranger….Thank you Autumn for making me and my husband’s day! Please share this so maybe she can see how much she touched our hearts…❤️💛💚💙💜

feeling blessed withAutumn Tolliver Safley.

“Rainbow baby,” if you haven’t heard the term, is a phrase used to signify a baby that is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss, because a rainbow is the beautiful promise after a dark storm. Since Mixon had recently been through her own storm, Safley’s rainbow baby shirt and pregnant belly gave  her hope that a rainbow was in store for her, too. I LOVE that she was bold enough to speak to Safley and that they were able to share their experiences!
After Mixon’s Facebook post, continued to encourage her new friend in the comments. “I have no doubt that you and your husband will be blessed with another little one,” Autumn wrote. “We lost 2 before getting this little man to stick around! I know he’s going to be worth the wait and the trials. I’ve prayed hard that our struggles can be my testimony and uplift other struggling mothers out there. I’m thankful we met so I can be fervently praying for you!”
I absolutely love this and I know Courtney Mixon now has thousands of new “rainbow mamas” praying for her and hoping that she will have a rainbow baby of her own soon. God bless these two ladies and their new friendship!

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