Ryan Reynolds’ Parenting Tweets Are Pure Comedy GOLD

When Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively became parents to baby daughter James in 2014, well, the world gained one more soul and the parenting community gained one more source of fantastic parenting humor! When they added a second daughter, Ines, to the mix last year, things got even FUNNIER! Reynolds is already well-known on Twitter for being hilarious, and becoming a dad has brought another fabulous angle to his funny tweets. Check out some of my favorites below!

On parenting aptitude:

On parental dedication:

Keepin’ it real…

On baby fashion:

On keeping your kids humble:

On parenting expertise:

On one of the BIGGEST struggles of parenthood:

On keeping your kids’ childhood MAGICAL:

On the future probability of more Reynolds/Lively siblings:

And finally, on the CONSTANT challenges of finding good child care:

Thanks for the laughs, Papa Reynolds! I think you should at LEAST make a flipbook of all these! Hashtag making memories, dude!

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Jenny Rapson
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