This Pregnancy Reveal Has the Sweetest Surprise Twist—and Dad Didn’t See It Coming

Sara Marie Photography

Announcing a pregnancy during the age of social media can be LOTS of fun for the expectant couple; with Facebook and YouTube, the possibilities are endless! But recently one expectant mom pulled off a surprise on the dad-to-be the likes of which I’ve never seen—and it’s beautiful!

Lauren and her husband Conor wanted to have some special photos taken for their wedding anniversary, but they had a dual purpose in mind: they were trying to start a family and were also hoping to take photos announcing their pregnancy. However, as the anniversary approached and Lauren still wasn’t pregnant, they scheduled a photo shoot with Sara Marie Photography anyway. Then, in a twist that couldn’t be more perfect, just two days before the photo shoot, Lauren found out that their dreams were coming true—she WAS pregnant, just in time.

Hatching a plot, Lauren called Sara Marie and they made a plan for Lauren to tell her  husband the big news during the photo session so that it could be recorded on film. Sara came up with a plan, telling POPSUGAR, “When we arrived at the shoot, I had them stand back to back and write what they were most excited about when it came to being married.”

Sara Marie Photography

Sara began writing on her chalkboard, choosing “You’re going to be a dad!” And even though he had no idea his wife was about to announce her pregnancy, Conor wrote “It’s the start of us building a family.” How sweet is THAT?? When they turned around to show each other, Conor couldn’t believe his eyes.

Sara Marie Photography

Sara Marie Photography

The emotions of finding out you’re going to be a dad for the first time were just too overwhelming—so beautiful!

Sara Marie Photography

Sara Marie Photography

Congratulations to this beautiful couple, and kudos to Lauren and Sara for pulling off the sweetest pregnancy reveal to Conor and capturing it so beautifully! These photos are going to be a fabulous addition to this lucky little baby’s baby book! I pray the love you have for each other and your child only grows stronger through each day spent together.

Sara Marie Photography



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