Teacher Discovers Genius Face Mask Accessory You Won’t Want to Live Without

face mask bracket

Like most teachers gearing up to return to the classroom this fall, Angie Madden has been stocking up on some unusual essentials for the 2020 school year.

Plenty of masks and hand sanitizer is a must, but after sharing a video on Facebook last month, the Georgia teacher is making headlines for an unlikely back to school must-have: a face mask bracket.

Face Mask Bracket

In a time when face masks are the fall wardrobe staple we never knew we needed, Angie says this handy little accessory is the one thing every teacher should have on their list. As demonstrated in her now-viral video, the plastic face mask bracket rests gently under a mask, holding the face covering in place, and making it easier to talk through without constantly adjusting.

Anyone who has worn a face mask for any amount of time during the pandemic knows that muffled conversations just come with the territory. But not anymore! Thanks to the face mask bracket, which lifts the cloth material off of your mouth while still keeping your face safely covered, Angie says she’s able to talk clearly all day long.


Teacher tip for all my teacher friends! You have got to get one of these!!

Posted by Angie Madden on Friday, August 21, 2020

Her video has been shared over 300,000 times since she first posted it on August 21st. Angie simply wears the product underneath her mask daily and washes it every night with dish soap and water to keep it nice and clean. The teacher said the silicone material is “very soft and comfortable” and sits right on her chin.

Experts agree, the face mask bracket is safe as long as it is being used correctly. As long as the position of the mask around the nose, cheeks and chin is good, then the silicone insert is safe to use while still allowing the mask to do its job correctly.

Amazon is loaded with several varieties of face mask brackets with options designed for every face shape and size. And what’s better, they even sell sizes specific for kids!

This school year is shaping up to once again be like no other. Make things just a little easier on yourself and your family, but stocking up on a face mask bracket for everyone.


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