This is Why a Newborn Baby Getting Her Hair Washed Made the Internet Swoon

My daughter getting her hair washed. 😍😍

Posted by Taveon Glenn on Saturday, November 19, 2016

A newborn from Dayton, Ohio (coincidentally, my hometown!) has gone viral at just a few days old after her dad, Taveon Glenn, posted a video on Facebook of her getting her hair washed. Perfectly relaxed and “zen,” little Amira Yvonne Glenn seems perfectly content as a nurse coos at her while shampooing and rinsing her lovely dark hair.

Amira’s dad told that he never foresaw all the attention his video of Amira would garner. He said he recorded the video to share with his mother and other family members, but found himself in tears as he watched his sweet baby get shampooed.

“I was crying,” the new dad said. “She is my first baby and she was looking all cute.”

Little Amira and her spa treatment have struck a HUGE chord on social media, where her video showed up at a time when users desperately needed something positive after months of pre-election negativity and weeks of bipartisan sniping thereafter. The video has been viewed a whopping 33 million times and counting since Glenn posted it just 8 days ago.

Basically, little Amira blissing out while getting a shampoo was the bright spot we ALL needed—and could agree on!

“People are saying it’s positive and people are saying they haven’t seen anything positive in a while,” Glenn told

Well little Amira Yvonne, you sure did MY heart good—and made my uterus skip a beat as it’s been almost 6 years since I’ve had a newborn! Big thanks to your dad for sharing your sweetness with us! I hope the rest of your life is just as remarkable as the beginning has been. God bless you and your family as you grow, I know you are destined to keep bringing people JOY!

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