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We get a BARRAGE of news in our feeds and email inboxes every day, so here at For Every Mom we’re curating the top news stories relative to moms and breaking them down for ya! Here goes, your top stories for Monday, December 11, 2017.

1. Explosion at the Port Authority in NYC is a terror attack


A 27-year-old man wearing a low-tech explosive device detonated it at the very busy Port Authority in New York City this morning. Four people, including the suspect Akayed Ullah were injured. None of the injuries are life threatening. New York City’s Mayor has called the event a terrorist attack. CNN reports that Ullan is of Bangladeshi descent and lives in Brooklyn.

2. Experts are calling for a ban on window blinds with cords over child deaths


Researchers from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio say window blinds with cords should be banned because infants can become entangled in them and hung or strangled. Study co-author Dr. Gary Smith says, “Kids live in a world designed by adults, for the convenience of adults, and child safety is all to often an afterthought.” Speaking of the deaths by strangulation, he added, “These things happen quickly,” while the study itself warns”Window blind strangulation incidents can be fatal within minutes and can occur silently.” Dr. Smith advocates for a complete removal of corded blinds from store shelves, saying, “Frankly enough is enough, kids are dying. We are at a watershed moment where we have to make this decision and it is simply, to me, unconscionable that we would continue to stand by, allow children to die, and simply say, ‘well, [there’s] nothing we can do about it.”

3. Is the Disney channel no longer safe for our kids?


Mother and writer Julie Gunlock posted a controversial opinion article on the New York Post on Friday, bemoaning the fact that Disney and Disney XD are no longer safe for our kids. She says kids will learn to disrespect authority and be rude on the channel’s signature shows.”The kid characters on Disney’s shows are often mouthy and disrespectful to parents and authority figures (who are usually scripted as muddle-headed and embarrassingly square). Even many of the strange animated characters make crass and nasty comments,” she opines. Gunlock says that both her conservative and liberal mom friends agree on this point, then she goes on to express her displeasure of the transgender storyline on the cartoon “Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” as well as the gay coming-out of a teen boy character on Disney’s most popular show, Andi Mack. There’s a LOT to consider here, but I have to say after reading Gunlock’s article, I am glad we don’t have cable or dish, and I will be carefully reviewing what Disney and Disney XD shows my kids watch on Netflix. (Please don’t ruin PJ Masks!)

4.A Doctor says Elf on the Shelf might be BAD for your kids

Child psychologist Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is raining on the parade of Elf on the Shelf-obsessed parents. Since the premise is that the Elf is basically Santa’s spy who can check up on kids’ behavior and let him know if they should get presents or not, Lapointe is not a fan. She says,

“When adults get up to tricks and strategies to try and control children’s behavior, two not-so-great things happen. The first is that the child intuitively senses in the adult a struggle to control, which must mean that the adult doesn’t really have it going on. A capable, competent, in-charge adult wouldn’t need to rely on tricks and strategies to control the child. The second is that the child feels ‘played’ by the adult.”

I honestly don’t know too many families who use the Elf in this way, but if you do…maybe reconsider. Make sure your kids know they’re getting presents because they are loved.

5. Chip and JoJo got called “Cray cray” for ending Fixer Upper


Everyone’s favorite Christian home reno experts Chip and Joanna Gaines are revealing that they were called “crazy” for ending Fixer Upper when the show was still doing well. Chip told Success magazine “People are like, ‘You’re crazy. You would be crazy to leave this thing at the height like this. Give it another year. Let it run out of gas. And we kind of laugh, and we’re like, ‘You know what? That’s not who we are.'” I say more power to them for going against the grain! I love that they’ve got their priorities in check, put God and family first, and aren’t afraid to be different. Still, I’m hoping they’ll throw us a TV special once in awhile.

That’s the news for today! What’s on your “must know” list?

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