What Should We Tell Our Children?


Well, it’s the day after the election—a day many of us looked forward to because it would “finally be over” and maybe people would start being nice to each other again on social media.

But what do you do when the results of the election disappoint you, confuse you, and just produce more anger and vitriol than you ever thought possible? Even if you’re happy with the outcome, you have to admit the rancor in the air is unsettling and scary—even among followers of Christ.

For many, there was no “good” choice for president this election. My faith and conscience would not permit me to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and I knew I would be disappointed either way. So I have struggled with what to tell my children about the election on THIS day, the day after, the day I knew was coming. And this morning I told them the results but I couldn’t articulate what I was feeling.

Then, I saw this post on Facebook from a mom I know, and now…well, NOW I know what to tell them. Here’s what Lisa Callahan will tell her daughter, and it’s what I will tell my children when they get home from school.

What should we tell our children?

Dear Child of mine,
I love you more than my own life. You are a blessing from God, Himself, who knitted you together in my womb.

This God is fully sufficient to meet all your needs. This God cares about you in such a way that He steps in and comes close.

He has given us Jesus! Jesus is the King of Kings- The First and the Last!! He died for your weaknesses and broke free from the grave to overcome the sin that separates you from His holiness. He wants to be close to you and has made a way for that nearness to exist….

You will find peace when you seek peace, because God has poured out His Spirit on those who love Him. He has promised us His presence in all the troubles of this life.

So rest well, my sweet child. Look to His face; seek His face always. Never be caught up in the issues of this world, but choose to grab tight to His JOY and choose to love well. Choose Jesus. Choose grace. Choose to trust when life seems to make sense and especially when it doesn’t.

And please hear me, my lovely baby…. Do not fear. Do not be overcome. Do not be ugly. Do not put your hope in any other man or woman, any policy or political party. Do not love this world more than your God. Do not give your dreams to something that will fade!

Follow my lead, sweet Child–
On CHRIST the solid Rock I stand. ALL other ground is sinking sand!

Love always,
Your Mama.

Thank you, Lisa. for giving these words full of life to so many of us who were struggling today.

What should we tell our children?

Dear Child of mine,
I love you more than my own life. You are a blessing from God,…

Posted by Lisa Campbell Callahan on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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