Her Sitter Cancelled, and This Pregnant Working Mom? Well, She WORKED IT OUT. #boom

I work at home, and during the summer, even with a sitter, I find getting my work done in a timely manner can be VERY challenging. On days my sitter couldn’t make it, it was basically just a giant free-for-all! This is partially why I didn’t work a job in addition to motherhood from the time my oldest was three to the time my youngest was three. It’s just very, very hard, and to be QUITE honest, I will say that finding good, consistent child care has been my #1 struggle as a working mom! So, when I saw the following Facebook post of one working, multi-tasking mom making it WORK when her sitter cancelled, I was SO inspired. She is seriously EVERY WOMAN. Check it out!

This is my favorite picture of the year so far. This is a woman who is a sports medicine doc and a team physician for…

Posted by Robin Schoenthaler on Sunday, September 4, 2016

WOW! I was totally blown away by Dr. Meier’s commitment. I mean, maybe it’s just because when I was 34 weeks pregnant I was already in full-waddle and I can’t imagine strapping a toddler to my back and hitting the football field. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t have made it 5 feet in that condition. Yet here Dr. Meier is, in full-on professional mode and full-on mom mode, making being a working mom WORK. Now, that may not be so easy to do in a couple of months with TWO little ones to care for, but for the moment, I love how she is doing her job and setting a great example for that little girl strapped to her back! She’s a hard-working mom and a hardworking doctor at the same time.

In an interview with Babble, Dr. Meier reveals a bit more about the story behind the viral photo, saying her husband is away in the Navy Reserves and that while she certainly didn’t intend to bring her daughter with her to work that night, she was glad that she was able to make it work. She is, however, feeling a bit uncomfortable with her viral fame.

“The picture went viral overnight,” she said. “I’m usually pretty private. How do I do all this without sounding like I’m tooting my own horn? It all feels uncomfortable. I only posted it in a physician moms group because I thought it was funny, and I knew other doctor moms would understand. I just want to keep things positive and represent doctors, moms and sports medicine in a good way!”

She then went on to say,

“I feel like this picture represents what all doctors/working moms do every day. This pic is from a Friday night when I had my 3-year-old on my back, 35-week-old baby in my tummy, and a hurt kiddo in front of me. I kept my girls safe while I took care of my team.”

Well, Dr. Meier, I think you definitely have represented moms, working moms, and doctors so well! You’re inspiring me and I’m definitely going to show this photo to my own daughter, too! And…probably not whine as much the next time my kids are home and I have to work without a sitter!

Working mamas, how do YOU handle things when your child care falls through?

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