10 Hilarious Tweets From Kristen Bell and Other People That Are Totally Nailing This Marriage Thing

I’ve  been married for close to 16 years, and just when I think I’ve got this whole marriage thing figured out, some new challenge comes along. But since we took vows before each other and GOD, we’re in it to win it. I do enjoy a little marriage humor, as wedded bliss comes not only with it’s ups and downs,  but for me anyway, with a whole lot of laughs as well. I recently took to Twitter to find some super-funny marriage tweets, and the people of Twitter did NOT disappoint! Here are 10 that in some cases literally made me spit out my coffee. These people are winning at humor, and probably matrimony, too










I had to LOL at #3 especially because that is MY LIFE! 16 years and we just can’t get that thermostat right. I wear a lot of layers in the winter and a cardigan indoors in the summer. And he still sweats. #marriage Which one was your favorite?

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Jenny Rapson
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