These 10 Non Candy Valentine Ideas Are Super Sweet Without the Sugar

These 10 non candy Valentine ideas are sure to make your kids sweetly happy!

Part of me doesn’t understand how it is already Feb, but the other part of me can’t understand how it is still winter. I think getting over 80 inches of snow already can confuse a person. But it is Feb and time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. The evolution of Pinterest has made it quite clear that you are a sub-par mom if you don’t lovingly craft each child’s Valentine with modge podge, glitter and unicorn dust.

I kid; last year I did store-bought Valentines and didn’t feel a lick of guilt about it. This year I am feeling a tiny itch to be crafty, so I have been pinning all sorts of ideas. But I do love the idea of doing some without a sugared up component. Partly because my kids don’t need any more sugar in their life. But also because that darn candy sits in our house while they are at school taunting me from the cupboard.

So here is a roundup of my favorite non candy Valentine ideas:

1. Crayon Valentines:

crayons valentines

There are lots of versions of these out there, but I really love these from Our Best Bites. We have so many random broken crayons in our craft cabinet, so I could probably make these for the whole school and never run out.

2. Rainbow Loom Valentines:

rainbow loom


I could probably make a whole classroom of bracelets just by cleaning out my vacuum cleaner canister. Our house is FILLED with rubber bands. The best part about these is you just order the printables from the Loom Love Shop on Etsy and your kids do the rest of the work. Brilliant.

3. Star Wars Glow Stick:

Star Wars

Silas is in a major Star Wars phase right now. What I love about this is that even if your kid is the only Star Wars nerd in his/her class, who doesn’t love a glow stick?? Those things make every kid happy. These are just a crazy adorable idea from Keeping It Simple. 

4. Popcorn Valentines:

popcorn valentine


These Valentines from Creating Really Awesome Free Things (C.R.A.F.T.—get it?) have such a fun vintage look to them. We make the most delicious popcorn on the stove, but if you want to sweeten it up you could always do a big batch of caramel corn.

5. Fruit Valentines:

fruit valentines


So I don’t really know what the coolness factor is in giving out fruit for Valentine’s Day, but as a mom I think these are awesome. I mean they are super cute and who doesn’t love a good pun? You can find these printables at Craftaholics Anonymous.

6. Bubbles Valentines:

bubbles valentine

The preschool set would go crazy for these bubbles from Makley School for Girls (one of my faves!). And since it is so freezing in large portions of the country, you can also try that freezing bubble thing that is all over Pinterest as well.

7. Friendship Bracelet Valentine:

friendship bracelet valentines

This is another brilliant scheme in which you print something out and your kids do all the work. I suppose you could help. Or you could just surf Facebook while yelling out encouragement like “orange and blue look great together” and “only 17 more to make!!” You can find the printables over at Dandee Designs.

8. Goldfish Valentines:

goldfish valentines


OK so goldfish crackers aren’t exactly a health food, but they are a small step up from candy. Or maybe not, but these are super cute Valentine printables from Tammy Mitchell Designs. And someone probably has a recipe for homemade goldfish with no preservatives somewhere on Pinterest if you are feeling guilty.

9. Mad Lib Valentines:

mad lib valentines


If your older kids need Valentines, these would be perfect. I never outgrow my love of Mad Libs though, so maybe they would work on me if you want me to be your Valentine. Either way, all the details are over at Design Mom.

10. Mustache Valentines:

mustache valentines


Is the mustache craze so 2012? I don’t really care because I still love them. Plus little kids in mustaches never grow old. This adorable idea from The Craft Monkey just might be my favorite of all. So cute!

Do you make homemade Valentines or buy a box at the store and call it a day?

non candy valentine ideas

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