10 Parents Who Are Having a WAY Worse Day Than You Are

We’ve all had those rough parenting days when things just get a little too MESSY. I mean one minute your toddler is playing like an angel and the next minute all your clean laundry is in the toilet. BEEN THERE! I’ll never forget the first birthday I celebrated as a mom, my 27th, when my 6-month-old angel projectile vomited into my MOUTH. Wheee! Well moms and dads, if today is one of those days when your kiddos have left you exasperated and exhausted, TAKE HEART! There’s someone out there who’s got it worse than you. And just to make your day, I’m gonna give you ten smashing examples! Enjoy—and try not to LOL so loud! You might wake the baby!

Looks like a fancy banquet. Black tie and baby vomit optional.

bad day 1

At this point, you just grab the kid and RUN.

bad day 2

Why I will buy nice furniture when my kids move out. And not before.

bad day 3

Parenting is so rewarding! (Poor baby though!)

bad day 4

Somebody get this dad an aspirin!

bad day 5


bad day 6

They see you when you’re sleeping…

bad day 8


bad day 9

Well, it was time for an upgrade anyway…

bad day 10

Is there an app for this?

bad day 11

Well, there ya go parents. Rejoice in the misery of others, and Keep Calm and Parent On! 🙂

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Jenny Rapson
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