10 Reasons I Hate St. Patrick’s Day

In case you were wondering why I’m not wearing green later this week.

1. I’m not Irish.

2. I’m not Catholic.

3. I don’t drink beer, so no enthusiasm over green beer.

4. Plus, going out to drink would cause me to be up later than 10 o’clock.

5. Leprechauns scare me.

6. I could never find a four-leaf clover.

7. I hate being pinched. (Anyone who has tried to pinch me today has been informed they will be kicked. And I am not kidding.)

8. I have green eyes, so that should be green enough.

9. I don’t look that good in green in the first place.

10. As Mr. V pointed out this morning, isn’t nearly every day some saint’s day? Why did we pick St. Patrick to celebrate as a full-out holiday?

Lest you think I hate every holiday, I promise, I love most of them. The ones that have a point. Like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and patriotic holidays.

Are you a St. Patrick’s enthusiast?

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Jessie Weaver
Jessie Weaver is a wife, mom of four, freelance writer and editor based in Chattanooga. She writes about grace and imperfect parenting at her blog, Vanderbilt Wife, and is the author of the new 30-day devotional Parenting Parables: A 30-Day Devotional.