12 Non-Negotiable Musts for Moms of Girls

Pink balloons flew out of the box at our Gender Reveal Party. I was 17 weeks pregnant and couldn’t believe it – We’re having a GIRL?! Tears filled my eyes… I couldn’t believe it!

It didn’t take long for me to get SO excited about the new adventure we had ahead of us! Bows on bows on bows – “go BIG or go home” was my motto. I had a collection of over 50 headbands before she was even born. I knew being a mom of a girl was going to be a DREAM.

The day soon approached and our little lady arrived. There is something so special…so sweet… so PERFECT about a newborn baby fresh from Heaven. The first thing I did was put a big bow on her head of course. I wanted EVERYONE to know “She was ALL GIRL!”

I quickly learned that with this new GIRL in our house – came a list of “MUSTS” for moms like me… 12 “MUSTS” to be exactly for Moms of GIRLS:

1. YOU MUST LOVE BEING FANCY: From the age of ONE – a girl loves her dress ups. From Frozen capes to princess crowns – tutus and big puffy dresses, little ladies know what to do. They love glitter, sparkles, feathers and heels.

2. YOU MUST LOVE SINGING, DANCING AND PERFORMANCES: Your hairbrush will be used as a microphone. Your bathtub will be turned into a stage. Your iPhone will be the speakers – and a beautiful performance will blow your mind. As she gets older, friends will come over and they will spend hours of writing programs and planning out talent shows. You will get use to the constant performances, dance parties and fun – and you will probably join in on a few of them… if not all of them.

3. YOU MUST DEDICATE A WHOLE CLOSET TO JUST THEM: Don’t think your baby girl can share a closet with your husband like I thought. Her clothes, bows, shoes, dresses, dress-ups and sweaters will need a space of their own! Everything is SO cute, you will not be able to contain yourself when you are at the mall… or Target…or Wal Mart… or the grocery store…. or online… or ANY.WHERE.

4. YOU MUST REALIZE THEY GET DIRTY TOO: I thought I was off the hook with the dirt and the bugs when I heard the words, “It’s a GIRL!” but that wasn’t the case. Girls like to get dirty too! They like to play in the sand. Get dirt on their faces… and in their mouths… and have dirty fingernails. They burp and poop. They do it ALL – just like boys – only a little more lady-like!

5. YOU MUST HAVE OPEN EARS: Girls like to talk. Listen to her stories. Listen to her drama. Listen to her singing. Listen to her worries. Listen to her prayers. Sometimes she just needs someone to listen to her.

6. YOU MUST REMEMBER YOUR PAST: When you listen – you will remember that you know how it feels. You know exactly what she is going through. You have been her age. You have had to deal with mean girls before. You have had to deal with dumb boys before. You have had to deal with periods, drama and school. You will be able to relate to her unlike anyone else.

7. YOU MUST LET HER PLAY IN YOUR MAKE-UP AND HAVE AN IMAGINATION: She wants to be just like you – she sees you putting on your make-up and wants to try too. Her little imagination is full of rainbows, sparkles and princesses. Let her be little.

8. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND PILES OF CLOTHES IS NORMAL: This never changes – from the moment she can start “helping” with laundry at just a few months old until she has a house of her own, piles of clothing will be endless, because lets be real – one outfit just doesn’t fit right one morning. And the other has a stain. And the other needs to be ironed. And the other makes her look fat. And the other one is itchy. And before you know it, she has tried on 6 outfits in one morning. It’s normal.

9. YOU MUST KNOW SHE WILL SOMETIMES LIKE DAD MORE THAN YOU: There is a special connection a daughter has with her daddy – and sometimes she may just want him. A daddy’s girl will make you fall more in love with your man, because you will see the love they have for each other.He is the “fun” one. He is the one that makes her laugh. He is the one he goes to when you say, “no.”

10. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WITH HOW YOU TALK ABOUT YOURSELF: You can no longer say you are fat. You are ugly. You don’t like your teeth. You hate the number on the scale. Because she is listening. Little ears are in your home and hear what you are saying about yourself. Talk positively about yourself, so she learns to talk positively about herself.

11. YOU MUST LOVE CUDDLES, KISSES AND HUGS: Girls are so passionate, emotional and loving. She will come and give you a kiss, just because she feels like it. She will come and sit on your lap, just because she wants to be by her mom. When she is older, she will call you just to say hello – and to ask for a recipe. And she will always love you.

12. YOU MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER SHE IS WATCHING YOU: Little girls look up to their moms. She sees how you act. She hears how you speak. She watches how you dress, how you serve, how you work, how you read, how you sing, how you dance, how you shop, how you play and how you laugh. She is the “only one that knows what your heart sounds like from the inside” and is “just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.”

Do you love having a girl?! What other “MUSTS” would you add to this list?! AND if you LOVE having a GIRL… don’t forget to share it!

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Danielle Davis
Danielle Davis is a wife and mom to a miracle baby girl, Laila. She wants women everywhere to recognize and realize what a blessing it is to have a family. As someone who struggled with infertility it is hard for her to see women not understand the blessing that families bring to our lives and she hopes to change that through her blog, Today's the Best Day. You can also catch Danielle on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.