25 Ways to Help Your Children Prepare for Christmas

You know those paper count down chains you can make for Christmas? The ones where you link all the little links together and then you rip off one link each day until Christmas? Well, last week my son brought one home from school.

Except, unlike the ones I’ve always made with him, which consist of only red and green little slips of paper, this Christmas countdown chain was a little different: Each slip had a different task that he could do each day throughout the month to prepare for Christmas.

Now, at this point, you’ve probably made your Christmas countdown chains already if you plan on making them… but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to begin preparing your hearts and your children’s hearts for Christmas.

So whether Christmas is a month away or only days away, here are 25 ways you can help your children prepare for Christmas, courtesy of the Christmas countdown chain my son brought home from kindergarten.

**Ideas written for a child’s perspective, since they would read each link, or you would read them to them.

1. Pray for your neighbors.
2. Pray for your school.
3. Draw a picture for someone.
4. Thank God for Jesus.
5. Set the table for dinner.
6. Pray for the community helpers.
7. Pray for your mom and dad.
8. Thank God for your pets.
9. Do something nice for someone.
10. Thank God for the earth.
11. Help do the dishes.
12. Pray for your teachers.
13. Buy a gift for someone in need.
14. Pray for the less fortunate.
15. Pick up all your toys.
16. Thank God for your family.
17. Take out the trash.
18. Pray for people around the world.
19. Pray for the people who work in the church.
20. Help your mom and dad with a job.
21. Thank God for Advent.
22. Make your bed.
23. Pray for your friends.
24. Thank God for the Holy Spirit.
25. Clean your room.

Want to make your own Christmas countdown chain for advent? It’s easy. Just write one task each on 25 small rectangular slips of paper, link them all together, hang out on the wall, and take one off each day. Use these 25 advent tasks or choose your own–it’s up to you!

What does your family do to prepare yourselves for Christmas every year? I’d love to hear it!

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