3 Quick and Easy DIY Centerpieces For Thanksgiving

DIY Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is almost here! You’ve carefully planned your menu, pored over Pinterest for recipes, and invited all your guests. What’s the last piece of the puzzle? DIY centerpieces specifically, a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table, of course. We cruised Pinterest for some easy DIY centerpieces that you can throw together in a snap, but still impress your guests with. Check out three of our favorites.

As Easy As It Gets

We love this centerpiece from The Farm Girl Gabs. It’s simply a wooden tray filled with candles, fall leaves, and gourds. You could throw this together in five minutes, and it’s just gorgeous!

thanksgiving centerpiece 1

Unexpected Elegance

We were WOWED by this centerpiece found at Decor Allure – it’s so different yet festive!

thanksgiving centerpiece 2

Just grab some sticker letters from the craft score, some pretty white gourds, and arrange them however you wish! The candles and stands make a nice addition, too, but the possibilities are endless on this one – use whatever you have around the house!

Layers of Color

We found this pin and couldn’t love it any more – what a great way to use food to decorate! Just layer popcorn kernels, dried beans, and dried peas in a decorative glass vase, then add twine and a candle – ta-da! So quick, easy, and festive! This is such an easy yet unique way to decorate a Thanksgiving table!

Do you like to DIY your Thanksgiving decor? How are you planning to decorate this year? Find more great ideas on our holiday and crafts Pinterest boards!

Photo Credit: Sharon Mollerus via Compfight cc

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