3 Reasons to Trash Your Super Mom Cape Right Now


Good moms get stuff done. Right? We run the kids to karate, soccer, swimming, and ballet. We volunteer to bake cookies for teacher conferences and organize games for Sunday school. We balance deadlines and date nights, doctors and dust mitts. We cut the crusts off our organic jelly sandwiches, just the way baby likes them.

A SuperMom’s work is never quite done. But is checking off the fantastic-mother-to-do-list really what makes us great moms?

Nope. Because sometimes we get so frazzled trying to be the superhero that we end up ruining the day instead of saving it.

Here are three reasons to toss your SuperMom cape straight into the trash and leave it there.

  1. It’s bulky. Remember the bit from The Incredibles when Edna commands, “no capes!” Because every superhero who ever wore a cape got snagged on a missile fin or sucked into a vortex? Yeah, that’s kind of how it works for us moms, too. Our SuperMom capes weigh us down with expectations and unrealistic standards that God never intended us to carry. Then all it takes is a little snag—like a whiny child, a missed homework assignment, another bout of stomach flu, you name it—to rip the whole thing right off.It’s much safer to lighten the load with grace—for ourselves and the people we love. Then we moms can fly free to handle whatever disasters arise on an ordinary day.
  1. It’ll choke you. Moms know all about being selfless. We get up early (or three or four times a night, anyone?) to feed and clean and teach and encourage. We dole out hugs and graham crackers and lunch money and band-aids. We give, give, give, give and wear ourselves down, down, down, down because SUPERMOM WILL NOT REST, people! Until that cape fastened around your collar finally chokes the very breath from your poor, exhausted spirit.Who says good moms can’t take a break every once in a while? Or maybe the question is—how can we be good moms if we don’t? A suffocating superhero, weak and weary and worn, isn’t much of a hero at all.
  1. It’s not yours. The truth is, you don’t own that SuperMom cape and you never have. You stole it from the one true Hero who deserves all the glory for your triumphs and all the gratitude for your gifts. And that is what your family is—a gift. Not a mission or a nuisance or a fancy display of your awesomeness. Yes, you are a great mom, because our God is great and we are His. You are awesome because Jesus is Awesome with a capital A, and only He has the power to rescue.So what’s our job, then? It’s to give those cape-wearing duties back to God. Let Him fight the family’s battles on our behalf. That means we have to stick close to him and tell him what we need—you know, it’s called prayer. Tried it lately? It’s the strongest superpower in every momma’s toolkit.

Let’s use it to conquer the world.

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Becky Kopitzke
Becky Kopitzke is the author of The SuperMom Myth: Conquering the Dirty Villains of Motherhood (Shiloh Run Press). On her devotional blog, www.beckykopitzke.com, she offers weekly encouragement