47-Year-Old First-Time Mom Gives Birth an Hour After Finding Out She’s Pregnant

There are two VERY surprised and thankful new parents in Boston today. Wednesday, Jason and Judy Brown, who have been married for 22 years, went to the hospital because Judy was having terrible abdominal pain. They were shocked when doctors told them that there was good news—Judy did NOT have an intestinal blockage, as feared…she was PREGNANT! “And you’re having the baby NOW.” the doctors added.

An hour after arriving at the hospital, the Browns were first-time parents to an eight pound baby girl! Judy is 47 and said though she had noticed some weight gain and bodily changes, she thought it was just because she was getting older and entering a “new stage of life” (a.k.a menopause)!


Judy says even though the weren’t expecting to be parents, they are thrilled, and that the baby is already “Daddy’s Little Girl”.

Congratulations to the Brown family! We’re so happy all is well!

Have you ever known anyone who had a baby and didn’t know they were pregnant?

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Jenny Rapson
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