6 Things You Can Do at Home Right Now to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

2. Limit space. Determining which areas of your house can be used to access the Internet and which areas can’t be used can keep your kids safe and protect your children from developing problematic Internet behaviors. It’s easy to sneak a peek at porn when at a friend’s house or even in your own living room. However, it is really hard to masturbate to porn every day or to chat with a pedophile if there is no device to connect to the Internet in your bedroom or bathroom. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to keep all devices that can connect to the Internet in a public place. No laptops, tablets or smartphones in bedrooms or bathrooms.They are not private devices, so they do not belong in private rooms. Here’s the catch: You should do this too. This is where I lose parents. You actually have to model this stuff in order for your kids to buy into it. Try to have a “home” for the devices such as a basket or cabinet (some families have a cabinet that locks for kids who sneak their devices at night). This sends the message that devices shouldn’t be attached to our bodies at all times just because they are portable. It also sends the message that these devices don’t belong to the child, they belong to the parent who is allowing the child to use the device. You can also have other areas where gadgets aren’t allowed such as a dining room table or kitchen table. Try actually talking to one another while eating or actually concentrating on the food you’re eating. It’s kinda nice.

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Dr. Megan Maas
Megan Maas is a sex educator and developmental psychologist who writes about sex and social media at MeganMaas.com.