8 Things I Want My Children to Know About Santa (He’s NOT Watching You Sleep!)

I’m not sure I have ever published a controversial post. I have never had a negative comment on my blog or Facebook page. All of you who read this blog are so kind, encouraging and supportive. I know the day is coming when someone will post something mean, but it just hasn’t yet.

However, something tells me, today is that day.

Santa is a hotly debated topic.

You hear people ask, “Do you do Santa in your house?” Much more often than you hear people ask, “Do you do devotions or pray as a family in your house?” Which, in my opinion is a much more relevant and important question.

I’m not really sure how to answer the question of; “Do you do Santa in your house?”

Instead, I want to express to you the things I want my children to know about Santa.


8 Things I want my children to know about Santa

1. He is not real. As in, Santa is not really going to be coming down our chimney on Christmas Eve. He isn’t going to be eating our cookies (that would be the pregnant mama), and he isn’t going to be watching your every move.

2. He was real. I want my kids to know that Santa is symbolic of a real person. St Nicholas was a wonderful person who loved the Lord. He did great things for the sake of the Gospel.

3. He was good, but imperfect. St Nicholas was not a god, he was not a fairy tale creature. He was a real person who lived on this world and made mistakes. In essence, he was a sinner. Our culture has made him out to be this wonderful fairy tale creature who can do no wrong (except maybe eat too many cookies).

4. He is not Jesus. Jesus is not Santa. St Nicholas was imperfect, Jesus was perfect. St Nicholas was, Jesus Christ is. St Nicholas loved. Jesus IS love.

8 Things I want my children to know about Santa

5. He left a good example. St Nicholas (aka Santa) left us an amazing example of how to live in this world. He was a man who selflessly gave his time, money and possessions to those who needed them more. We should be more like him.

6. He doesn’t see you when you’re sleeping. That’s just creepy. An old, fat man watching my kids while they sleep isn’t sweet…is psycho. The only man who I’m okay with watching my children while they sleep, is my husband.

8 Things I want my children to know about Santaa

7. He isn’t there to keep a record of the good and bad things you do. Santa isn’t real, nor is he omnipresent so he can’t keep up with your good or your bad. However, there IS Someone who keeps a record of that. It’s not Santa.

God keeps a record of the sins in our lives. He notices when we do wrong. However, that is the Good News of Christmas. Jesus Christ has come to save us from our sins. Because of Jesus Christ, we no longer need to worry that God is keeping a record of our sins. Those who have given their lives to Christ are washed clean. No more record.

8. Santa isn’t real to us, but he is real to others. And that’s okay. Here’s the thing. I don’t think that this is a non-negotiable. If someone believes in Santa, it doesn’t mean they are going to hell. It’s just something that works for them. I do not want my children ruining Christmas for other kids. Nor do I want them to be judgmental of those who believe in Santa.


Do your children believe in Santa? How have you seen it be a good or bad thing in your home?

This article originally appeared at Tales of Beauty for Ashes.

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