1st Trimester Baby Dancing on Ultrasound Is Precious Proof of Pre-Born Humanity

A stunning video of an 11-week-old unborn baby on ultrasound has gone viral for a pretty amazing reason: the child, still in the first trimester of gestation when most abortions are performed, is dancing and leaping on the video, putting LIFE on full display.

The video of the ultrasound was taken at a pregnancy resource center where the baby’s mom had come for assistance. There she got to see her 11 week, 4 day old baby making the most of the tiny amount of room in the womb. The little guy (the Facebook says he was later determined to be a boy) is seen bouncing and leaping inside the uterus, displaying tons of activity and personality. He didn’t sit still for even a second! Babies at this stage of gestation are rapidly growing and have hands and feet, hair follicles, tongues, and palates. And as you can see, they are extremely active!

Monica Barba, who posted the video, says:

This baby was saved at a pregnancy resource center when his mother chose life after seeing this ultrasound. We discovered later in the pregnancy this baby was a BOY!
For everyone who is wondering what can be seen on an ultrasound of a 1st trimester baby. Enjoy!
11 weeks 4 days old baby. So much energy & life!!! Precious baby =)

According to the Guttmacher Institute, of the 1.6 million abortions performed each year, 91% are in the first trimester. But this video of this first trimester kiddo leaping and bouncing certainly makes it hard to believe the pro-choice rhetoric that children in the womb at that age are lifeless blobs that can’t feel pain.

Since Barba posted this video last year, it has been viewed over 3.4  million times! It’s my prayer that millions more will see it and embrace the truth that abortion is ending a LIFE, and that is never okay, no matter how young the baby in the womb is.

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Jenny Rapson
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