A Letter to My Child’s Foster Mother

Dear Sister,

First of all, I’m so sorry I’ve put this off for so long. Many times I began to write but my words fell short. I am just unsure of how to express to you how grateful I am for you and your family.

In selfless love you took my children into your home. From the streets came a scared, sick, needy soul, for whom you cared for as your own. We are similar but not the same. Because I know my role as adoptive mama claims them as my own forever. Your role as foster mama is loving deeply and letting go. But, my friend, please know you are forever in their hearts and ours.

Thank you for being there when I could not be. Thank you for holding them, rocking them and sitting up with them. Thank you for the sleepless nights and early mornings. Thank you for putting their hunger before your own. Thank you for praising them and disciplining them so they know right from wrong. Thank you for encouraging them and comforting them. Thank you for investing in their future by teaching them. From manners to cleanliness to music to numbers and letters, they were more prepared for school because of you. On that note, thank for getting them ready for school each day. Thank you for making sure they arrived safely home to you each afternoon.

You wiped their noses and potty trained them. I’m sure that some of their amazing personalities comes from you. My son’s gentleness with younger children, must be learned from the care he received from your family. He often puts others before himself. My daughter loves to help me in the kitchen. I am sure she learned to prepare food with you. Your patience is seen through her.

And now, through tears, I want to say thank you for relishing in all the firsts that I missed. For making their years with you beautiful. Thank you, dear sister, for giving them good memories to hold onto.

Their starts in life were rough, as I’m sure you know more than I. You saw them at the hardest. You loved them through their newness. You never gave up on them. And because of Jesus’ love in you, their young hearts have begun to heal in ways that even I did not expect. {hallelujah!}

Please know that even though their time with you is finished, you will forever be a part of our family. You are not forgotten. I do not for a minute take lightly the sacrifice you made by loving them. I know your mama’s heart aches. Please be assured they are well. Thriving. Playing and laughing and singing and hugging and loving because they know how. Because of you and your family, they were well prepared.

I mean every single word of this. But above all else, thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching them about Jesus. His love shines through you and all the lives you have touched. You have no idea how far that reaches.

My prayers are with you and your precious family and all the souls that come into your home. What an amazing thing it is to be created, loved and cared for by the same God. The God who spoke the universe into existence, the God who knows the very hairs on my children’s heads, offers us this beautiful thing. The thing that brought us to you and our children, the thing that binds us together. His love for all his children: His perfect sacrifice of Jesus, His adoption of us as His own sons and daughters. 

And so even though we may never see each other again on this earth. Even though the few hours I spent with you, the few years my children were loved by you, do not seem like long enough now. Once again, the hope of heaven and promise of eternity with Christ and all his believers gets us through all the tomorrows.

I will see you again.


{adoptive mama}


This post originally appeared at TiffanyNardoni.com.

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Tiffany Nardoni
Tiffany Nardoni is a wife, homeschool mom and writer. She and her husband, Jeff, are raising a family in the       midwest, seeking a quiet life and learning to love others well. Her book, Still, a memoir about the life of her son Thao and learning to live past his death, is available now for pre-order on her blog, tiffanynardoni.com.