A Pregnant Mom Working 2 Jobs to Feed Her Family Just Got a New Boss—and the Surprise of Her Life

Reality TV is everywhere—it’s even on CNBC! Yes, that’s right, the financial-focused network has its own popular reality show, The Profit, where millionaire entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis takes business risks by putting his own money into small businesses that are failing, and attempts to turn them around.

In a rather touching episode, Lemonis takes over the Key West Key Lime Pie company, where the manager, Tami Forbes, is a strugging mom of 8-year-old twins and is pregnant with her third child. The episode outlines how Tami does pretty much everything at the store, from marketing to stocking the shelves, but she only makes $300 a week, and has to bartend part time to provide for her kids in addition to her full-time job.

For many working moms, taking maternity leave is a necessity AND a sacrifice, since many companies in the U.S. do not offer any paid maternity leave. So while the birth of a child is always a joyous occasion, it can be very stressful financially, especially to families like Tami’s.

Lemonis acknowleged Tami’s hard work and that she was a key to Key West Key Lime Pie Company’s success. He also acknowledged that if you treat your employees well and compensate them fairly, they are way more likely to do an amazing job when they’re on the clock. When he starts to invest in Tami, he puts his money where his mouth is! Watch her tears start to flow when he tells her:

“I’m gonna need your help before you leave. I gotta get some stuff done and you’re gonna be our leader here. In order for you to have good piece of mind, I wanted to give you some money.”

He then gives Tami a check for SIX MONTHS worth of pay, and tells her he is raising her salary to $1,000/week so she no longer has to bar tend and can spend more time with the family she works so hard for. Tami is in tears and flabbergasted, but is able to put into words what Lemonis’ investment means to her:

“It means everything, knowing that I have a salary when I come back — a salary that I can live on, and still save money… I’ve never had that,” she says.


So glad Lemonis picked this shop—and this mom—to invest in! I love this story and I hope it inspires business owners everywhere to pour into employees and offer benefits to expectant moms!

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Jenny Rapson
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