A Stranger’s Gift to These Two Teens on Homecoming Night Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

An already special night— their school’s Homecoming dance—became even more unforgettable for four friends on a double date earlier this month. Fire + Wine, the Glen Ellyn, Illinois restaurant where the teens were dining posted these photos with this update on their Facebook page yesterday to tell the amazing story.

homecoming 2
Photo: Fire + Wine on Facebook

“PAYING IT FORWARD: Sometimes, people catch you off guard in the very best of ways…

A few weeks back, Glenbard West students Miles and Sarah had their Homecoming dinner at fire + wine.”

Photo: Fire + Wine on Facebook
“Montini seniors Isabelle and Caleb accompanied them. When they were ready to depart, they looked down at their check, to a $0 balance..

An anonymous patron had picked up their entire tab… very quietly, very discreetly. We still don’t know who it was or what this person saw that touched them. But it was a special moment for us and we wanted to let this person know that we (and the table you took care of) are very grateful for your kindness and generosity.

We see a lot of negative. In the news, in our day to day lives. At times, all around us. This was so worthy of sharing as it brightened our day.. and we hope it brightens and brings positivity to yours too.
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So basically…some total stranger saw two students with a disability out having a good time with two “typical” students and decided to make their night super-fantastic by paying for their ENTIRE meal at a fancy restaurant on homecoming night! I’ve got to be honest, this story made me tear up big-time. Not only am I thrilled that kids with disability are doing the ordinary, everyday high school things they SHOULD be doing, but I’m also thrilled that they had AMAZING friends stepping out with them and then a truly WONDERFUL stranger putting the icing on the cake with an epic random act of kindness.

This made my morning! I hope it makes your day, too, and that you’ll pass it on so we can ALL pay it forward!

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