Actress Eva Amurri Martino’s Husband Got a Sext From Their Nanny—and His Response is Perfect!

As a working mom, it’s safe to say my #1 headache has been CHILD CARE. Getting the kids cared for while I am working has nearly been my undoing several times. However, I’ve never had ANYTHING as crazy as what actress and blogger Eva Amurri Martino (also known as Susan Sarandon’s daughter), mom to a toddler girl named Marlowe, had happen this week with her nanny. Martino, whose husband Kyle works for CBS Sports, detailed the child care scandal on her blog, Happily Eva After, and just about broke the Internet with her tale.

The Martino’s story is detailed below, and even though she doesn’t hold back giving a bit of a titillating spin on it, I have to say what struck me most was that this is a POSITIVE story about modern marriage. As a Christian, it’s hard to see how marriage is breaking up everywhere—even in the church, even amongst my own friends. I know that NONE of us immune to a failed marriage, and we have to work HARD and focus on Christ to keep it together! I know the family involved in this story doesn’t appear to have the same religious values as I do, so Mr. Martino’s actions here in spite of that gave me a little spring in my step. Here’s what happened, according to Mrs. Martino herself!

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Eva Martino says:

I’m telling this story because it’s in my nature to be brutally honest about my life– and also because when I texted it to one of my girlfriends right after it happened, she texted me back:  “My jaw just disintegrated.”  HOW CAN I NOT SHARE?!  Grab some popcorn and a cocktail because this story is trashy– really trashy.

She then goes on to say that while out with their daughter, her husband received a lewd text from the nanny. The text seemed like it was sent to a friend about him, but Kyle Martino had his suspicions that it was indeed intended for his eyes. (It’s pretty bad so I am not going to print it here, but feel free to hop over to Eva’s blog to read it.) Then as he approached his house with his baby girl, he saw the nanny peeking out at him from HIS OWN BEDROOM WINDOW!

EEEEW!!! (That’s my editorial commentary.)

But what Kyle did NEXT is pretty darn perfect, as his wife details:

AND THIS IS WHY MY HUSBAND IS A LEGEND: He also realized in that moment that he was going to record his entire confrontation with her.  Because he knew that clearly this chick was crazy– and who knows what she would try to make up or twist after the fact… I’m writing out the convo in script form below, so you can get a sense of exactly what went down.  I would feel badly for this chick…except that, well, I REALLY don’t:

Kyle: When I came home earlier, why were you in our bedroom?

Nanny: I was looking for you.

Kyle: What?

Nanny: I was looking for you, I didn’t know if you were home (By the way, if you have ever been to our home, there is ZERO reason for anyone except us to be going to our bedroom for any reason.  Especially her.  Probable Truth: she was in there smelling his underwear.  Or something even more crazy that I can’t even think of)

Kyle: (exasperated) Um. Ok.  Listen, this morning I got a really inappropriate text from you…


Nanny: Oh yeah…Sorry

Kyle: Yeah. Ok.  Well… needless to say, it’s not the type of environment I want in the house with you taking care of our daughter.  So I’m going to have to ask you to go. I can pay you for today and then why don’t you go.

Nanny: Ok.

Kyle writes her a check while Marlowe asks for crackers

Kyle: Ok here you go. Thanks.

Nanny: I’m sorry I was just messing around with a friend I didn’t mean any harm.

Kyle: No need to apologize. Thanks, Bye.

(At this point she leaves and he turns the recording off)

Boom! In the age where a lot of men would take advantage of the situation, and the less-than-scrupulous nanny, I found this tale more chivalrous than trashy. Gives me faith in humanity…and husbands, at least.

I will admit that the skeptic in me also wonders if Eva isn’t just a smidge thankful for the blog fodder and press this nannygate is giving her since her blog is also her business. But hey, that’s making lemons out of lemonade, I guess! No matter what, I’m happy that she has a faithful husband and I wish the Martino family ALL the best!

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