These Parents Did a DNA Test on Their Adopted Daughter For an AMAZING Reason—But Time Is Running Out

Lisa and Gene Lumpkins were parents of two biological kids in Georgetown, Kentucky, when God placed adoption on their hearts. They decided to add to their family, and adopted four orphans with special needs from China, including their daughter Aubrey, who has cerebral palsy. Aubrey was abused and neglected by her birth mother, who once attempted to smother her to death, but since she has been in her forever family with the Lumpkins, she’s been thriving!

aubrey adoption
Image: GoFundMe

Recently, Aubrey’s moms Lisa saw a photo of a Chinese orphan on Facebook and was drawn to her because she looked SO much like Aubrey. She then found out that the girl lived in the same orphanage that Aubrey came from. Something inside Lisa told her that this girl was Aubrey’s sister, and because she has a friend who is a volunteer at the orphanage there, Lisa was able to pay to have a DNA test done. She sent some of Aubrey’s DNA in, and the orphanage did the same for the girl Lisa had on her heart. Two weeks later, the answer was UNDENIABLE—the girls are biological SISTERS!

avery aubrey
Image: GoFundMe

The Lumpkins have brought Aubrey’s sister, who they call Avery, into their hearts, and they want badly to bring her home—but time is running out. Avery will turn 14 in August and will age out of the Chinese orphanage system. That means that Avery, who also has cerebral palsy and physical and mental challenges, will most likely have to fend for herself on the streets of China. Orphans who age out are often forced into trafficking. So the Lumpkins have only 3 months to save Avery and bring her home.

They’ve created a GoFundMe event to raise funds to bring this sweet sister into their family before time runs out!

avery aubrey 2
Image: GoFundMe

Please spread the word about this adoption on Facebook so that Avery can come home to her biological sister and her forever family, and not have to try and make it on her own as a 14-year-old with disabilities in China!

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