Alyssa Milano Takes Wendy Williams to School Over Public Breastfeeding

Alyssa Milano has made the news many times over the last couple of years for posting pictures of her breastfeeding her daughter, Elizabella, now 16 months, on social media. Now before I dive in, let me be perfectly clear: I am ALL ABOUT public breastfeeding! I think that baby needs to eat when he or she is hungry, and wherever mama happens to be at the time. Public breastfeeding is totally normal in most countries, and it’s dumb that is has a stigma here in the “land of the free”. Now, do I think mom should wear a SHIRT if possible while this is happening in public? Yes I do. I nursed all three of my kids, two of them until they were two, and I breastfed in public like it was my job (because well, it was), and I never put on a peep show. It is possible.

Alyssa Milano on Breastfeeding

So. Maybe it’s because I had such a positive breastfeeding experience myself that I just don’t understand why people like talk show Wendy Williams oppose public breastfeeding. When Milano was on Williams’ show today, Williams told Milano about her breastfeeding in public, “I don’t need to see that”. Alyssa countered with, “Would you eat under a blanket, covered up?” Williams said if she were nursing, she would go feed her baby in the car.

They then moved on to discussing celebrities wearing next-to-nothing compared to what moms bare when breastfeeding in public. Milano posed the oh-so-appropriate question, “Why is it ok for Miley Cyrus to walk around with only suspenders over her nipples but it’s not okay for me to breastfeed in public?”

Williams, of course, did not have a good comeback for this, saying, “I don’t know why I feel this way. Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things.”

Milano countered back with, “Biologically they’re not made for sexual things, that’s what we’ve done to them.”

Williams showed a picture of rapper Ice T’s wife Coco in a barely-there dress, (linked here, I am not going to post it) and said she’d rather see that than see someone breastfeeding. She actually said that she finds someone just showing off their knockers to be less offensive than someone feeding their baby! HUH??

I have to say I am totally with Alyssa on this one. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made to breastfeed our babies, and we shouldn’t have to hide in a hot car or in a restaurant bathroom stall to do so. It’s a terrible double-standard that everyone can praise J-Lo for wearing a see-through gown and be AGHAST at a mother feeding her baby with her breast partially exposed. Gimme a break. And Wendy Williams? GET A BETTER ARGUMENT!

You can watch Milano’s  interview with Williams below.

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