Amy Duggar Says Cousin Josh is “A Fraud and Complete Stranger”

Amy Duggar, best known as the niece of reality stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting stirred up some controversy yesterday when she included an opinion of her famous family members on her blog, King, who is a newlywed, posted a year in review blog that said that September was a “doozie”, in part because of cousin Josh’s Ashley Madison account and adultery coming to light. She says that she learned of Josh’s infidelity while being fitted for her wedding gown, “tears rolling down my face” and went on to say that Josh was “a fraud and a complete stranger”, not the person she thought she knew. (Josh has been in a faith-based rehab since August and reportedly spent Christmas there as well.)

amy duggar wedding

King also says in the lengthy year-in-review blog post that she is closer than ever with Josh’s wife Anna Duggar, and was touched that Anna attended her September 6th wedding to Dillon King despite the fact that the scandal was fresh and painful at that time.

King is known for being one of the more liberal members of the Duggar family, reporting that most of her Duggar kin left her wedding before they broke out the alcohol at her reception. She also mentioned in her blog post that in January the press had a field day with the fact that she was born out of wedlock 28 years ago, saying, “In Hollywood they celebrate a new baby, regardless if they are married or not! I mean really? I can’t apologize for how I was born and I wont even try to!” At the end of her blog post, she also acknowledged that her own parents are having marital woes, saying “December was one for the books, it was just 2 weeks ago that I found out my parents were on the rocks. Even though I am an adult and I have my own marriage to care about. I do love them both so much, I hope they can work out their differences and learn how to forgive the past.”

If there’s one thing the Duggars have taught us, it’s that NOBODY is perfect—Christian or not—and that we all need grace, grace, grace!

(And in my opinion, they’ve also taught us that not much good comes from being on a reality show!)




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