An Open Letter to Tim Tebow About the Whole “No Sex” Thing (From a Mom of Boys)

Dear Tim,

Can I call you that? I feel weird calling people younger than I am “Mr.”. And of course, since you are totes famous, I feel like I know you. Because seeing you on TV and on the interwebz is as good as having a heart-to-heart, right? Right. Ok, fine, I know very little about you. I know you play professional football, but I don’t give two craps about football (sorry) so I have no idea what team you play for (sorry again). I know that you’re a Christian because you’ve done that famous praying pose after games and that people give you crap about it. I know that people love to love you or they love to hate you.

And now, thanks to the New York Daily News and the world wide interwebz, I also know that you’re not getting any. BY CHOICE. It seems you got dumped by this hot little number (no big deal, just Miss USA and Miss Universe) because you wouldn’t put out.

Olivia Culpo

And it is BIG FREAKING NEWS! It seems everyone cares that you’re a virgin. THAT’S gotta feel kinda weird. Now, I know you haven’t commented on or confirmed this story, so I am not totally positive that it’s even true. But if it is…

Tim, trust me when I say, it’s her loss. And believe me when I say, words cannot express how grateful I am to you for not being ashamed to take a stand on premarital sex. Because although I don’t give two craps about football (sorry) I DO give two craps about teaching my kids that sex before marriage is not what God wants for us. That it is—dare I say?—wrong.

And Tim, I’ve got two sons, one on the cusp of puberty. And he DOES give two craps about football (and Jesus. Score!). And he thinks you’re pretty great because you love football and you love Jesus and I am 100% sure that at school today among his peers, he also learned that you love following God’s commands more than you love following your sexual desires. Because I am quite sure everyone in the 6th grade was talking about you and Miss Universe today.

And thank God they were. Thank God my son has someone super-famous and successful in the limelight saying the same things about sex that his dad and I are. Thank God and thank you, Tim Tebow.

My daughter is a little young for this conversation, but thanks to you, there are a lot of young girls reading this story today and realizing that there ARE men out there who will wait. There ARE men who will put God above themselves, who will do what’s right when it comes to sex. Because of you they now know that what the world tells them, that “no one waits”, is wrong. So THANK YOU again.

Tim, I don’t know how your heart is feeling today. Getting dumped is surely never fun. But may I encourage you and say that standing up for what you believe in is something you’ll never regret? I truly believe that, as much as I believe that you will find the RIGHT girl who is willing to wait for you, and willing to be 2nd in your heart to Christ.

(Maybe try to to find her at church? Sorry to meddle, I know you HAVE a mother. But I’m #justsayin…)

Thanks again Tim. You almost made me give two craps about football today!

Platonic Mom Hugs,


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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.