These Baby Photo Shoot Pinterest Fails Will Crack You Up For DAYS

Since Pinterest first took the Internetz by storm a few years ago, the word “Pinterest” has become synonymous with “perfection” or even more accurate, “an unachievable level of perfection.” I am super UN-crafty and UN-talented in all these areas, so a good Pinterest FAIL always makes me smile with glee (because I’m also evil, apparently). But these baby photo shoot Pinterest fails are the BEST of the fails, because they also include adorable cute babies + hilarious Pinterest failure. Really, I ask you, WHAT could be better?? Enjoy these great ideas gone horribly and adorably wrong!


Squishing baby with kisses: NAILED IT!


baby photo squish

Baby boy in a toy truck: NAILED IT!

baby photo toy truck

Christmas twins: Nailed It!

baby photo christmas twins

JOY to the world: NAILED IT!

baby photo shoot joy
Photos:stacizohlenphotographyJamilia Jean

Adorable baby girl in a bowl of gumballs: NAILED IT!
baby photo gumballs

Mother-daughter bellies? NAILED IT!

baby photo bellies

Are these hilarious or WHAT??? I am feeling much better about myself now…I think I’ve got enough confidence to get out the glue gun and make that bookshelf out of old cereal boxes now!

Or not.

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