This Mom and Beauty Blogger Shares Her Top 5 Beauty Secrets—and She’s Hilarious, Too!

beauty secrets

I love beauty blogger Melissa Autry – better known on YouTube as Melmphs. She’s hilarious and cuts right to the chase. In this video she shares some of her 5 favorite beauty secrets – short cuts and tips that will have you going “Oh my gosh THANK YOU!” after you try them. I love Melissa’s southern drawl and entertaining goofball attitude. She’s nothing if not real and her product reviews and beauty tips are awesome.

Here’s a list of her secrets – but make sure and watch to get all the details!

1) How to properly apply primer
2) Use deep conditioning masks on DRY hair (what!?!?!?)
3) Use eye makeup primer on your eye brows
4) How to apply blush if you have a round face
5) Use drugstore chafing gel as a face primer (Who knew??)

What are your go-to beauty secrets?

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Jenny Rapson
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