Carrie Underwood’s Hilarious Instagram Proves Even Celebrities Battle This Common Mom Problem

Carrie Underwood shared an Instagram over the weekend that proves stars are just like us when it comes to the challenges of parenting—especially when it comes to trying to PEE ALONE! The struggle is real, right moms? Apparently Carrie isn’t just battling 1-year-old Isaiah over bathroom time, but her attention-craving pooch as well!

Carrie Underwood Insta
Screenshot: Carrie Underwood on Instagram
The photo is captioned “Can’t a mom just go to the bathroom in peace?”

LOL! I think you know the answer to that one, Carrie! Maybe in about 18 years—if you get rid of the dog!

I love the way Underwood documents both her professional and personal life on Instagram—sharing both moments at home with the baby and husband Mike Fisher to sharing sweet snaps of what he’s doing while she’s working and he’s being cared for by others. This snapshot in particular cracked me up because it’s SO relatable! Even my 5-year-old still barges in on me when I’m in the bathroom.

Thanks for keepin’ it real, Carrie!


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