Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone Says You Should Let Your Picky Eaters Go Hungry

curtis stone

Aussie celebrity chef and father of two Curtis Stone is blasting parents who indulge their picky eaters. He says that if kids don’t eat the food you fix, they should just go hungry, according to 9News Australia.

“I think the problem is too many parents worry about their kids being hungry that they let their children dictate what they eat,” he told Australia’s Herald Sun. He went on to say, “I don’t see the big deal in letting kids go hungry a few times. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.”

This culinary dad also said that kids shouldn’t be offered snacks in between meals to ensure that they’ll be hungry at dinner time.

I think for the most part I agree with Stone, and I do make my kids eat what I fix for dinner. I will say, though, that this is most likely easier said than done for special needs parents.

What do you think about Stone’s pronouncement?


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