This Mom Wants You to See What Can Happen When You Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? This can be a loaded question and a hot topic among parents these days. But one Australian mum is campaigning hard for parents to vaccinate their kids after her 11-month-old Elijah, who is too young to be vaccinated, contracted a terrible case of chicken pox from an older, unvaccinated child.

Her emotional post reads:

Vaccinate your kids people… The pictures below show you exactly why… Our poor baby boy who is too young to be immunised has caught the chicken pox… It has almost been a week since they showed up… Today he was admitted to Ipswich Hospital with a secondary infection… Kaliah and myself also have the chicken pox fortunately since Kaliah hasn’t long been immunised she has a few spots and blisters but is well in herself… Adult chicken pox is so horrible and painful I would much rather give birth with no pain relief… They have just given me some medication also to help with my symptoms…
Bottom line if you don’t vaccinate your kids your a bloody idiot… Think about the risk you are putting on other helpless kids that are too young or who actually can’t be vaccinated!

The pictures of this little darling are just heartbreaking!

unvaccinated 2
Photo: Kayley Burke on Facebook


Photo: Kayley Burke on Facebook

Although it’s not very common for babies to contract chicken pox, Elijah is proof that it CAN happen, and can be painful for the whole family. His case was so bad that he got a secondary infection, for which he is now being hospitalized. We hope this little guy is on the mend VERY soon, and his mom and sister who got it from him are as well.

Do you remember having the chicken pox as a child? I do, but fortunately I was old enough that it didn’t affect me this badly.


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