Conjoined Twins at Birth, They Were Given a 20% Chance to Live—So What They Did This Week is Pretty Remarkable

British twins Rosie and Ruby Formosa were born conjoined in 2012, attached to each other at abdomen and sharing the same intestine. Doctors gave them a bleak 20% chance of survival after their mom, Angela, delivered them at 34 weeks. After birth they were rushed into what would either be a life-saving or life-ending surgery, but miraculously, the girls survived!

4 years later, they are not just surviving, but THRIVING. This week, they hit a huge milestone—starting kindergarten!

conjoined twins feat
Photo: Screen shot, YouTube

Angela Formosa realizes what a truly special milestone this is. “When I was pregnant I didn’t think I’d ever see their first day at school so it is really amazing and all thanks to GOSH [Great Ormond Street Hospital] really,” she said.

As you can see in the video below, their rough start in life isn’t stopping these two tough girls from living a happy, typical life.

Their mom says she knew they were fighters when they were in her womb.

“They are very similar, they are very bubbly little girls, they are very headstrong and very determined, which I knew they were from when they were in my belly because of the way they kept growing and surviving,”

Ruby and Rosie, we think your little lives are extraordinary and we hope you have an amazing year in kindergarten!

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